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Update on Our Participation with UnitedHealthcare of Arizona

Arizona Pediatric Cardiology is back in network

For more than a decade we have been privileged to provide great care to babies, expectant moms and kids throughout Arizona through the UnitedHealthcare network. Unfortunately, UnitedHealthcare of Arizona and United Community Plan of Arizona (collectively, “UnitedHealthcare”) did not renew our contracts on June 30, 2015.

While we have come to an agreement to have our providers with Arizona Pediatric Cardiology, LLC (APC) back in network, effective October 19, 2015, our maternal-fetal medicine (perinatology) and neonatology practices throughout Arizona have been unable to meet United’s continued demands for further rate cuts and concessions. Such concessions will negatively impact our ability to provide the high quality and broad access to care our patients – women and babies – have come to expect. As a result, these practices remain out-of-network.

Our Practices in Arizona

Obstetrix Medical Group of Phoenix/Phoenix Perinatal Associates is a group of providers offering neonatology, maternal-fetal medicine, pediatric hospitalist, pediatric intensivist, neuro developmental pediatric and hearing screen services in the metro Phoenix area and through clinics in central and northern Arizona. Call 602-942-1027 x 533 for more information.

Obstetrix Medical Group of Arizona/Tucson Perinatal Services is a group of providers offering maternal-fetal medicine and obstetrical hospitalist services in the Tucson metro area and through clinics in southern Arizona. Call 520-795-8188 or 800-322-8188 for more information.

Neonatal Specialists is a group of providers offering neonatology services at hospitals in the Tucson metro area.

NAL is a group of providers offering neonatology services at hospitals in the Phoenix metro area.

Now In Network:

Arizona Pediatric Cardiology is a group providing pediatric cardiology services in the metro Phoenix and Tucson areas. Arizona Pediatric Cardiology provides services through offices and clinics throughout the state of Arizona and also provides services to CRS patients in Maricopa County.

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