Contact UnitedHealthCare of Arizona: 800-985-2356

Phoenix Perinatal Associates

As of July 1, 2015, our practice is an out-of-network provider with UnitedHealthcare of Arizona and United Community Plan of Arizona (collectively, “UnitedHealthcare”). This is the result of our inability to reach agreement on new provider agreements with UnitedHealthcare after our previous provider agreements expired on June 30, 2015. Our practice will continue to work with UnitedHealthcare to obtain new provider agreements so our physicians can return to the UnitedHealthcare provider networks.

Contact your employer and/or UnitedHealthcare and express your concern about your physician not being in the UnitedHealthcare provider network as of July 1, 2015. Please let UnitedHealthcare know that it is important for you to continue seeing your physician. You can reach UnitedHealthcare at 800-985-2356.